eire - EPOCH Events Reader

Program eire reads event messages from one or more EPOCH V3 event servers and displays them on standard output.


% eire [-database file] [-debug] [-frame]
       [-history] [-stream name]
       channel1[@host1] ... [channelN[@hostN]]


-database file
specifies an ASCII file from which to load the events database.
enables debug output (written to stdout).
requests a formatted dump of frames received in TLM_FRAME events.
specifies that the events history should be requested and displayed before new events are displayed.
-stream name
restricts the displayed messages to those from the specified stream.
channel1[@host1] ... [channelN[@hostN]]
specifies one or more event channels from which events will be read; the default host is the local host and the event servers are assumed to be listening on the "EventSvr" service port.

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