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Happy Father's Day!

From my loving children on Father's Day 2004 - to the tune of Queen's "We Are The Champions Of The World":

You've made your puns
Time after time
And all your wisecracks
Probably should be a crime
And your bad jokes -
You've made a few
You've had your share of insults said to
Your face - but you've come through!
(And you need to go on - and on - and on - & on)
You're the best Daddy in the world
Even though you're kind of a dork
You're the best Daddy, You're the best Daddy
We call you a loser but you're the best Daddy
In the world ...
We've called you an idiot
And a dim bulb
We've called you a fool, a git, and an imbecile
We've said it all
But we don't mean it, really
We just like to tease
Although we're serious when we say
Your feet smell like cheese!
(Yes they really stink - really stink - really stink - really stink)

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