Nancy Hanks (1784-1818)

Interested by Abraham Lincoln's apparent descendance from Adam Shipley1G via Robert Shipley, Sr., I used The Shipleys of Maryland 1968 as a reference to add this offshoot to my FAMILY WEB. The earlier The Shipleys of Maryland 1938 cites the following as the basis of the claim for the Shipley-Lincoln connection: Shipley Ancestry of Lincoln's Mother, by Louis A. Warren, Historical Research Director, Lincoln National Foundation.

Unfortunately, I later found out that Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother, was a woman of unknown parentage and that there are a number of theories - the Shipley connection being one of them - floating around about Lincoln's maternal ancestry. For more information about the controversy, visit Christopher Child's "Genealogy of Abraham Lincoln's Mother" (Wayback Machine).


Father: James Hanks  (1761?-1785?)
Mother: Lucy Shipley  (1765-1825)


Half-brother: James Sparrow  (1792-????)
Half-sister: Elizabeth Sparrow  (1794-????) m. ? Franklin
Half-sister: Margaret (Peggy?) Sparrow  (1796-????) m. ? Ingram
Half-sister: Mary (Polly?) Sparrow  (1798-????) m. ? Whitehouse
Half-brother: Thomas Sparrow  (1800-????)
Half-brother: Henry Sparrow  (1802-1881)
Half-brother: George Sparrow  (1804-????)
Half-sister: Lucinda Sparrow  (1806-????) m. ? Campbell


Husband: Thomas Lincoln  (1778-1851) married 1806-06-12 in Washington County, KY, USA by Rev. Jesse Head. After Nancy died, Lincoln married a widow, Mrs. Sarah (Bush) Johnston  (1788?-1869).


Daughter: Sarah Lincoln  (1807-1828)
Son: Abraham Lincoln  (1809-1865)
Son: Thomas Lincoln, Jr.  (1812-infancy)

Basic Data

Born: 1784-02-05
Place: Campbell County, VA, USA
Died: 1818-10-05
Place: Pigeon Creek, Spencer County, IN, USA

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