Joshua Lackland Higgins (1839-1904)


Father: Richard Francis Higgins, Sr.  (1795-????)
Mother: Caroline Thomas Hall  (1798-????)


Brother: Francis Higgins  (1826-????)
Sister: Lucretia Higgins  (1828-????) m. Dr. Theodore Linthicum  (1824-????)
Sister: Sally Higgins  (1830-????) m. Philip Dorsey Carr  (1826-????)
Brother: Richard Francis Higgins, Jr.  (1831-1904)
Brother: William George Higgins  (1843-1925) m. Susanna Newbern  (1847-????)
Sister: Harriet Higgins  (1845-????) m. Lafayette Dorsey  (1845-????)
Sister: Ann G. Higgins  (1847?-????)


Wife: Mary Augusta Hammond  (1841-1928) married 1863-??-??.


Son: Henry Hammond Higgins  (1864?-1865?)
Daughter: Florence Gladys Higgins  (1867-1961) m. William Thomas Hammond, 1907-10-16.
Daughter: Caroline Elizabeth Higgins  (1870-1955) m. Joseph Shepherd, 1895-07-12.
Daughter: Lillian Virginia Higgins  (1873-1955) m. Dr. Rezin A. Hammond, 1897-07-08.
Daughter: Harriet Lucille Higgins  (1876-1943) m. Frank Hogan Fields, 1900-08-16.
Son: Stanley Lackland Higgins  (1878-????) m. Rebecca Wright Matthews, 1909-10-12.
Daughter: Dallas Hammond Higgins  (1881-1992)
Daughter: Temperance Higgins  (1884-????)

Basic Data

Born: 1839-10-23
Place: Conaways, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
Died: 1904-05-02
Buried: Baldwin Memorial Methodist


Record: Compiled by Stella S. Ivey.
Book: Genealogy of the Linthicum and Allied Families, 1934, compiled and edited by Matilda P. Badger.
Link: FamilySearch™ Ancestral File
Link: FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index/North America

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