Charles Alfred Ivey (1875-1922)


Father: Thomas Henry Ivey  (1846-1936)
Mother: Mary Ann Banfield  (1846-1914)


Brother: Victor Ivey  (1868-1952) m. (1) Elizabeth Emma Fogarty  (1871-1893), (2) Florence Maude Mary Edwards  (1874-1943)
Brother: James Albert Ivey  (1870-1888)
Sister: Henrietta Ivey  (1872-1933) m. Norman Nicholson  (1873-1953)
Sister: Florence Anna Ivey  (1873-1943) m. George Mitchell  (1876-1947)
Sister: Ethel (Effie) Permelia Ivey  (1877-1961) m. George Roth  (1872-1949)
Sister: Lena Maud Ivey  (1878-1965) m. Thomas Hagan  (1866-1947)
Brother: Henry Algernon Ivey  (1881-1947) m. Alice Dick  (1883-1960)
Brother: Nathan Guy Ivey  (1883-1976) m. Nina B. Carey  (1884-1960)
Sister: Mae Phoebe Ivey  (1885-1970) m. Norman Nicholson  (1873-1953)
Brother: Ira Ellis Ivey  (1887-1965) m. Gertrude ????  (????-????)
Sister: Ida Alberta Ivey  (1889-1970) m. Harry Misner  (1883-1974)


Wife: Anna Belle Smith  (1873-1970) married 1894-09-10.


Son: William Thorburn Ivey, Sr.  (1898-1985)

Basic Data

Born: 1875-03-31
Place: Otisville, Orange, New York, USA
Died: 1922-03-03
Place: Buffalo, New York, USA


Link: The Penny Moore Family Home Page (Penny Moore is descended from Charles's son, Nathan Guy Ivey.)
Link: FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index/North America

Thanks to Penny Moore's genealogy page, I was able to make sense of the following notes made - evidently in a hurry! - by my mother, who knows when, on the back of an index card:

Aunt Ida - Harry - Port Dover
son Capt. fences & snow
Orchard Park
Visited Relay ... handsome
Kittinger in charge of production
Lauren - Aunt Effie's oldest son
wife Hattie
Visited at Grace Church
Art - Standard Oil Co. (England)
piano player, youngest
Charlie - middle - went to college

"Aunt Ida" was Ida Alberta Ivey, married to "Harry" Misner; their son was Oral Misner. "Aunt Effie" was Ethel Permelia Ivey. "Lauren" was her oldest son, Loren Roth, married to Hattie Brown. "Charlie" was the middle son, Charles Roth, and "Art" was Effie's youngest son, Arthur Roth.

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