Abner Linthicum, Sr. (1763-1848)


Father: Hezekiah Linthicum  (1723-1767)
Mother: Sarah Bateman  (1713-1778)


Sister: Rachel Linthicum  (1751?-1767?)
Sister: Elizabeth Linthicum  (1753?-????) m. William Bateman
Brother: John Linthicum, Sr.  (1751..1755?-????) m. Anne Edwards
Brother: Archibald Linthicum  (1757?-????) m. Nancy Leeke (or Lake)
Brother: Rev. Slingsby Linthicum  (1758-1848) m. (1) Mary Griffith (2) Mrs. John Dorsey
Sister: Margaret Linthicum  (????-????)
Brother: Amasa Linthicum  (1765-1823) m. (1) Sarah Cromwell (2) Rachel Johnson


Wife: Rachel Jacob  (1763-????) married 1791-01-13, daughter of Richard Jacob, Jr. and Hannah Ashburnham (?).
Wife: Mrs. Elizabeth (Sanderson) Pitcher  (1790-1832) married 1828-12-02.


(1st marriage)
Son: Amasa Linthicum  (1791-1810)
Son: Richard Linthicum  (1793-1842) m. (1) Ann Robinson  (1797-1837) (2) Susan C. Lockerman
Son: Abner Linthicum, Jr.  (1796-1845) m. (1) Rachel Stewart  (1800-1839) (2) Mary Brian
Son: William Linthicum  (1798-1866) m. Elizabeth Sweetser  (1800-1875)
Son: Archibald Linthicum  (1800-1800)
Son: Hezekiah Linthicum  (1801-1891) m. Matilda Phillips  (1809-1881)
Son: Thomas Linthicum  (1804-1822)
Daughter: Sarah Linthicum  (1809-1882)
(2nd marriage)
Daughter: Eugenia Sanderson Linthicum  (1831-1834)

Basic Data

Born: 1763-07-07
Died: 1848-02-08


Military: Captain of the 22nd Regiment, A. A. Co., Md., in 1809.
Occupation: Member of the State Legislature after the War of 1812. Qualified J. P. (?) 1812-01-16.
Link: "A Brief History of Linthicum Heights" (Wayback Machine) was written in 1938 by Sweetser Linthicum. The second page discusses the acquisition and development of the land that is now Linthicum, MD by Abner Linthicum, Sr. and his children.
Link: Linthicum (Wayback Machine) is a long list of Linthicums with birth dates, death dates, and spouses. (Compiled by Gwen Oliver of Ohio?) A lot of the dates are missing and some disagree with the dates I have. For example, Abner Linthicum, Sr.'s date of death is listed as 1847-02-19, rather than the 1848-02-08 date I found in the 1934 Genealogy of the Linthicum and Allied Families.
Link: Abner LINTHICUM - ... (Wayback Machine) is an index of Linthicums in Janice A. Devan's on-line genealogy.

(Quoted from Genealogy of the Linthicum and Allied Families, 1934.)

The following poem appeared in the newspaper at the time of the marriage of Abner Linthicum, Sr., and Mrs. Elizabeth Pitcher, Dec. 2, 1828:

"They say that Love is the heyday of Youth,
And Beauty the only Bewitcher;
But that is not so, for just look above,
A Statesman has married a Pitcher."

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