Walter Measday, Sr. (1866-1959)


Father: Thomas Measday  (1831-1912)
Mother: Ann Oakes  (????-????)


Sister: Annie Measday  (1858-1932)
Brother: Maurice Measday  (1869-1944)  (photograph, right)
Sister: Edith Measday  (1870-1873?)
Brother: Harry (Henry) Measday  (1872-1919)  (photograph, middle)
Brother: Sidney Measday  (1874-1874?)
Brother: Ernest (Jack) Measday  (1875?-1964?)


Wife: Charlotte Alice Binks  (????-????) (daughter of Thomas Binks?) married 1887-11-21 in Battersea, London, England; witnessed by James Henson Binks, Annie Measday, and James Measday. (Photograph, from left: Frank, Sidney, Alice, and Walter.)
Wife: Mary Anastasia Rooney  (1869-1933) married 1894-12-05.
Wife: ????  (????-????)


(1st marriage)
Son: Frank Measday  (1889-1962)
Son: Walter Measday  (1891-1917) (d. 1917-07-01)
Son: Sidney Measday  (1892-1917)  (gravestone) (d. 1917-12-30)
(2nd marriage)
Son: Walter Measday, Jr.  (1895-1982)
Daughter: Edith Marie Measday  (1898-1943)

Basic Data

Born: 1866-11-14
Place: London, England
Died: 1959-10-10
Place: Montrose, CA, USA


Occupation: (See 1956 newspaper article.)
Photograph: As a young man (left), with brothers Harry and Maurice.


Find A Grave: Walter Measday (1866-1959)
Find A Grave: Private Walter Measday (1891-1917) (son from first marriage)
Find A Grave: L-Cpl Sidney Measday (1892-1917) (son from first marriage)

From Roy Measday's notes:

Walter, b. 1866, m. Alice Binks had three sons, absconded to U.S.A. and re-married bigamously.

The story in our branch of the family is that he tried to send for his first family, but his first wife had gotten tired of waiting and had remarried. (Admittedly, the brief interval between Sidney's birth in 1892 and Walter's remarriage in 1894 is uncomfortably short.)

From World Trade Week 2003 Info Guide, p. 61:

World Trade Week Chairs and Stanley T. Olafson Plaque Recipients
1936    Chair: Walter Measday, US Bureau of Foreign & Domestic Commmerce

From the 1947 U. S. Government Manual, p. 323, Department of Commerce Field Service:

Region Regional Manager Address
No. 14. Southern California, Arizona Walter Measday 312 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles 12, Calif.

News report - undated; spelling and punctuation as in original.

Walter Measday,
Aide to Wilson
   MONTROSE, Calif., Oct. 12
(AP). -- Walter Measday, who
was Woodrow Wilson's secre-
tary during the 1912 presiden-
tial campaign, died Saturday
at his home after a brief ill-
ness. He was 91.
   Mr. Measday was a feature
and political writer for the old
New York World before joining
Mr. Wilson, and subsequently
was secretary to the late Sena-
tor William Gibbs McAdoo of
California. In later years he
was Los Angeles regional di-
rector for the United States
Commerce Department.
   He leaves a wife, son and

News report - The Washington Post, 1959-10-13; appears to be an abbreviated version of the AP report above.

   Walter Measday, 91, secre-
tary to Woodrow Wilson dur-
ing his 1912 campaign for the
presidency, after working as
a feature and political writer
for the old New York World,
later was secretary to the late
Sen. William G. McAdoo of
California; in Montrose, Calif.

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