Adam Clement Moler (1845-1921)


Father: Raleigh Moler  (1807-1866)
Mother: Margaret Miller  (1811-1890)


Brother: George Washington Moler  (1836-1842)
Sister: Annie Moler  (????-????) (died in infancy)
Brother: William Jacob Moler  (1839-1908) m. Sarah Elizabeth Strider (1840-1917)
Brother: Raleigh Vandiver Moler  (1840-1917) m. Lydia Ellen Engle (1844-1928)
Sister: Sallie Moler  (1842-1849)
Brother: George Washington (Pet) Moler  (1847-1924) m. Henrietta Harwood (1848-1932)
Brother: John C. Moler  (1851-1917) unmarried
Sister: Mary Moler  (????-????) m. Dow Hess
Brother: Francis M. Moler  (1853-1936) m. Rosa Bell Moler (1856-1932)


Wife: Cora Virginia Daniels  (1853-1931) married 1872-02-27.


Son: Fondrose Daniels Moler  (????-????) m. Bertie Pauline Moler  (????-????)
Daughter: Maude Virginia Moler  (1878-????)
Son: Carlton Dennis Moler  (1880-1938) m. Irene Moler  (????-????)
Daughter: Nannie Rebecca Moler  (????-????)
Son: Preston Miller Moler  (1882-1949) m. Beulah Whitacre Trundle  (1881-1940)
Daughter: Cora Lucretia Moler  (????-????) m. Hugh Swagler Moler  (1888-1946)

Basic Data

Born: 1845-10-16
Died: 1921-06-16
Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA


Book: MOHLER-MOLER GENEALOGY - Particularly from George ADAM & EVE Moler (Edition One, Fall 1954) - compiled by Charles Clyde and Lydia (Stouffer) Moler.
Link: FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index/North America (marriage)

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