Albert Schriner, Sr. (1840-1872)


Father: Conrad Schreiner  (1811-1877)
Mother: Christina Hoenes  (1816-1891)


Wife: Mary Catherine Stoll  (1846-1866) (b. 1846-11-30, d. 1866-02-22) married ????-??-??.
Wife: Louisa Margaret Radecke  (1848-1937) married 1868-01-28.


(1st marriage)
Child: ?  (1866-1866)
(2nd marriage)
Son: Albert Schriner, Jr.  (1868-1869)
Son: Charles Herman Schriner  (1869-1870)
Daughter: Ella Sophia Schriner  (1869-1870)
Son: Herman Henry Schriner  (1871-1958)

Basic Data

Born: 1840-05-??
Residence: Fells Point
Died: 1872-08-22
Place: Baltimore Harbor. As I understand it, he and some others were in a small boat trying to catch a (paddle?) boat that had left the dock; they were sucked under the larger boat and Albert drowned.
Buried: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD, USA. Deed dated 1872-08-19 for Lot 264, S½, Section P. The cemetery's 1872 directory lists the lot above and Lot 266, N½, Section P, under his name. (Is his death date correct? 3 days after he purchased the plot?)


Find A Grave: Albert Schriner, Sr (1840-1872)
Find A Grave: Mary Catherine Stoll Schriner (1846-1866)

I'm very confused. First, on an index card, apparently written by my mother:

    Jeanne's great-grandfather
    (1) Albert Schriner m. Louisa Margaret Radecke
            3 children - Herman
                         twin boys who died in infancy
            Lived at Fells Pt.

    (2) Albert's sister, Mary (?) Schriner
            m. to  ?  Stoll (brother of John Stoll)

        Albert drowned in Harbor, sister Mary
        died young (in childbirth?)

        "Grandpop" Stoll proposed to Louisa
            Margaret Schriner (widower & widow)
            (They lived at Jackson's Chance.)

(Louisa Margaret Schriner was, of course, Mrs. Albert Schriner - not their granddaughter of the same name!) Then, notes by my mother on the back of a letter from Louisa Margaret Radecke to my grandmother:

    Letter to Grandma Ivey from her
    grandmother - Louisa Margaret Radeke

        m. (1)     Schriner ("Pop's" father - who
               died when Pop was 11 or 12.
        m. (2) John Stoll

    Names mentioned -
        Merle, Dorothy & Robert Stoll - her
        grandchildren from 2nd marriage

    Bertha Gunther - unmarried sister
    of Charlie Gunther (whom I met
    with "Pop" Schriner one day)

    The church referred to was
    a Lutheran church in    ?

    Mom also knew Mrs. Peterman.

Who was "Grandpop" Stoll - Mary Schriner's widowed husband or John Stoll? [Neither! Mary (Stoll) Schriner was Albert's first wife. George Stoll was Louisa Margaret Radecke's second husband; i.e., "Grandpop" Stoll.] The statement that Herman (b. 1871-10-27) was 11 or 12 when his father died (d. 1872-08-22) can't be right. Furthermore, I imagine the twins preceded Herman.

The Sun, Baltimore, MD, Saturday, August 24, 1872, P 2. (Supplied by Mike Minnich at Find A Grave, Albert Schriner, Sr (1840-1872).)

SCHRINER—Suddenly, on the 22d inst., ALBERT SCHRINER, in the 32d year of his age.

How often we have looked for him, And oftimes seen him come: But now he must depart from us, And never more return.
It was so hard to give him up, But the Lord alone can tell The bitterness of that awful cup, Yet he doeth all things well.

His friends and the friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend his funeral on tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, August 25th, at three o'clk, from his late residence, corner of Light and Hughes streets, without further notice.

The Sun, Baltimore, MD, Friday, February 23, 1866, P 2. (Supplied by Mike Minnich at Find A Grave, Mary Catherine Stoll Schriner (1846-1866).)

SCHRINER—On the 22d instant, MARY CATHERINE, beloved wife of Albert Schriner, age 19 years 2 months and 22 days.

Her relatives and friends are invited to attend her funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from her late residence, No. 243 Light street.

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