Robert Shipley, Jr. (1713-????)


Father: Robert Shipley, Sr.  (1678?-1763?)
Mother: Elizabeth Stevens  (????-????)


Brother: Charles Shipley  (1711-1766?) m. Margaret ?
Sister: Ruth Shipley  (1715-1780) m. Dr. Hawes Goldsborough
Sister: Keturah Shipley  (1717-????) m. Philip Porter  (1706?-1758), son of her Aunt Lois
Sister: Elizabeth Shipley  (1719-1795) m. John Hood  (1712?-1786)
Sister: Sarah Shipley  (1721-????) m. Nicholas Gassaway
Sister: Lowis (Lois) Shipley  (1723-????)
Brother: George Shipley  (1726-1789) m. Catherine Ogg
Brother: William Shipley, Sr.  (1729-1793?) m. Rebecca Sellman?


Wife: Sarah Dorsey  (1715?-1789?) married 1736?-??-??.


Daughter: Rachel Shipley  (1745-1799) m. Richard Berry  (1725?-1798) and moved to KY, USA.
Daughter: Ann Shipley  (1746-1825) m. David McCord  (1744-1817?) and moved to NC and then KY, USA.
Daughter: Naomi Shipley*  (1748-1790) m. Robert Mitchell  (1742-1791?)
Daughter: Margaret Shipley  (1752-????) m. (1) Robert Sloan  (1750-1780) (2) Matthew Armstrong  (1762-1838)
Daughter: Lucy Shipley  (1765-1825)
Daughter: Nancy Shipley  (????-????) m. Joseph Hanks
Daughter: Mary Shipley  (????-????) m. ? Lincoln
(Presumed children)
Son: Robert Shipley III  (1734?-1810?) m. Rachel Prewitt
Son: Edward Shipley  (1736?-1800) m. Elizabeth ?
Son: George Shipley  (1756?-1815?) m. Elizabeth McCord

Basic Data

Born: 1713-??-??
Baptized: 1713-10-19
Died: ????-??-??


Residence: Howard County, MD; Shipley's Search (1745); Lunenberg (Bedford) County, VA (c. 1750); Mecklenburg County, NC, USA (1771).

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