Virginia Marion Sparks (1895-1984)


Father: James Sparks, Jr.  (1873-1955)
Mother: Marion Josephine Golden  (1872-1947)


Husband: Walter Measday, Jr.  (1895-1982) married 1918-10-26.


Son: Walter Sparks Measday III  (1920-1998)
Son: James Paul Measday  (1922-1999)
Daughter: Marion Edith Measday  (1923-1984)

Basic Data

Born: 1895-07-04
Place: New York, NY, USA
Baptized: 1895, by Rev. Brady Electus Backus in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Holy Apostles, New York, NY, USA.
Died: 1984-08-04
Place: Livingston, NJ, USA
Buried: St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Cape May, NJ, USA. The cemetery is on a long, narrow strip of land stretching from Seashore Road to Shun Pike (south of the Cape May Canal); as you enter from Seashore Road, the burial plots are about halfway down on the right, midway between the "pagoda" circle and the "cross" circle. The closest headstone to the road is "Gilligan"; several headstones back is the one for John and Ann Benson, close friends of Grandma and Grandpa, who are buried side-by-side to the left, their graves marked by ground-level plaques.


Celebration: of her 70th birthday.
Photograph: Family picture for 50th-anniversary celebration at Uncle David and Aunt Marion's home in DeWitt, NY, USA (October 26, 1968).
Photograph: Out in front of her house, with Walter, Jr. and Walter III, Cape May, NJ, USA (about 1980).

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