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This is a poem I wrote back in the mid-1980's for Donald Sauter, a friend, fellow Beatles fan, and proud owner at the time of a not-quite-PC-compatible Sanyo 550 (or whatever the model number was). I was the proud owner of a Commodore 64, for which I had recently purchased a word processor called Paperback Writer. It was a very powerful and easy-to-use word processor and the company subsequently released companion spreadsheet and database programs that were of equally high quality. Later, the names were changed from "Paperback" to "Pocket", much to my regret.

(Hunters & Collectors is a record album that Don won in a contest hosted by radio station WMUC at the University of Maryland.)

Ode to a Word Processor

You think you're hot,
you think you're cool,
but I've got something
that makes you the fool.

You've got your Sanyo,
your pseudo-PC.
The Commodore 64
is the one for me.

You've got your EDLIN
and your PC WRITE!,
but you're in the darkness -
you haven't seen the light.

You claim the Beatles
are the band for you,
but you listen to
Hunters & Collectors, too.

You shout, you boast,
but you'll get quieter.
My word processor's called

You looked, you searched,
but you couldn't find
a word processor titled
as well as mine.

You're green with envy
for what you lack.
Your word processor is probably
called GET BACK!

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