The following are mini-reviews of books I read in 2019.
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The New C Standard: An Economic and Cultural Commentary

by Derek M. Jones (Version 1.2, June 24, 2009)

Detailed commentary on the C Standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1999, known in the vernacular as "C99". The book is about 1600 pages in length, so I've been scanning the document until something catches my eye and then I settle down to read the section of the book more thoroughly.

For the coverage proper of the C Standard itself, the author picks out phrases, sentences, and longer passages from the standard and provides commentary under some or all of the following categories:

The overall commentary for each item chosen from the C Standard makes for fascinating reading. The author is very knowledgeable about C, C++, other historical and contemporary programming languages, and historical and contemporary computer architectures. I repeat: fascinating!

The introduction also makes for interesting reading; its approximately 150 pages look into the cultural, economic, and psychological aspects of computer programming, spread across the following sections (plus a couple of others):

The book can be downloaded for free in PDF form from the author's C Language Book Material page, which also has links to related resources. Also take a look at his The Shape of Code blog.

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The Eyre Affair

by Jasper Fforde (Wikipedia) (pub. 2001)


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