EOSDIS Test System
HTTP Server

The EOSDIS Test System (ETS) is being built to support the testing of the Earth Observing System (EOS) Data Information System (DIS). ETS performs:

ETS consists of application-specific VLSI hardware in two VME racks (for the high-rate and low-rate systems, respectively) and software running under VxWorks on multiple 68040 CPUs.

The HTTP server accessed by the links on this page is running on one of the 68040 cards in the ETS racks. This server, called hope, uses the Tool Command Language (Tcl) to interpret and respond to HTTP requests. hope can currently:

The hope-generated HTML pages make use of Netscape's table extension for laying out status pages and Netscape's server-push extension for periodically updating displayed pages. (My browser was Netscape 1.1N.)

ETS High-Rate System (ETS-H)

ETS Low-Rate System (ETS-L)

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