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Software Insights

Jim Dowling's Law of Error Reporting/Handling

Railway-Oriented Programming!

Influences, Large and Not So Small

Pre-Computer Interest Days

Miss Hatwell (later Mrs. Wasserman) - French 7th-9th Grade

Mrs. Lee - Algebra 8th Grade

Miss Cornell - Geometry 9th Grade

Andy Measday - Electronics

Post-Computer Interest Days

Robert Stone

Algol 60 and, later, the Algol 60 Report (Daniel McCracken; Dr. Stockman and file processing course, CMSC 220; display stacks in CMSC 330, Programming Languages.)

Henry Ledgard - Google Scholar and Programming Proverbs for FORTRAN Programmers ...

Barbara Lambird warned me that ...

Dr. George Stockman's Wave Processing System (WAPSYS) Program ...

Brian Thorenson's real-time, event-driven, LANDSAT data ingest program ...

Meng Lin's event logging library and influence on turn to object-based programming ...

Paul Arnold - text files
Mike Maloney - named variables

Documentation: VAX/VMS manuals; Michelle Ellington; CSC programmer whose name I can't remember, ...

Reading and Writing ???


Reusable Code is Not Costly — It's a State of Mind

Reducible Complexity (Code)

Reducible Complexity (Files)

Talk is Expensive

Portable Programming

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