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skt_util - Socket Support Functions

The SKT_UTIL package contains a number of common functions used by my high-level TCP/IP (TCP_UTIL) and UDP/IP (UDP_UTIL) networking packages.

Public Procedures

sktBlock() - configures a socket for blocking or non-blocking I/O.
sktCleanup() - shuts down the socket library.
sktIsReadable() - checks if data is waiting to be read on a socket.
sktIsUp() - checks if a socket connection is up.
sktIsWriteable() - checks if data can be written to a socket connection.
sktPeek() - peeks at a socket's pending input data.
sktPeer() - returns the name of the host at the other end of a socket connection.
sktPort() - returns a socket's port number.
sktSetBuf() - changes the sizes of a socket's receive and send buffers.
sktSetup() - starts up the socket library.

Source Files


(See libnet for the complete source, including support routines and build files.)

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