tv_util - timeval Manipulation Utilities

The TV_UTIL functions allow you to add, subtract, and compare UNIX timevals, which represent time in seconds and microseconds.

Public Procedures

tvAdd() - adds two timevals.
tvCompare() - compares two timevals.
tvCreate() - creates a timeval from a time expressed in seconds and microseconds.
tvCreateF() - creates a timeval from a time expressed as a floating-point number of seconds.
tvFloat() - converts a timeval to a floating-point number of seconds.
tvShow() - returns a printable representation of a timeval.
tvSubtract() - subtracts one timeval from another.
tvT2TM() - converts seconds since 1970 to broken-down time.
tvTM2T() - converts broken-down time to seconds since 1970.
tvTOD() - returns the current time-of-day (GMT).
tvTruncate() - truncates a timeval to the beginning of the year, the day, the hour, etc.
xdr_timeval() - encodes/decodes a timeval in XDR format.

Source Files


(See libgpl for the complete source, including support routines and build files.)

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