Walter Sparks Measday IV (1949- )


Father: Walter Sparks Measday III  (1920-1998)
Mother: Jeannette Louise Ivey  (1920-1995)


Brother: Peter Schriner Measday  (1950- )
Brother: Andrew Hammond Measday  (1955- )
Brother: Charles Alexander Measday  (1956- )


Wife: Joyce Harris  (????- ) married 1971-01-02, divorced 1981-??-??.
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Land  (1959- ) married 1992-03-27 in Upper Marlboro, MD, USA.


(2nd marriage)
Step-son: Michael Jason Land  (1979- )
Step-son: David Christian Land  (1988- )
Son: Walter Sparks Measday V  (1992- )

Basic Data

Names: Sparky
Born: 1949-03-04
Place: Boston, MA, USA


Occupation: Library of Congress
Photograph: Walter, Mrs. (Dr. Wilhelmina?) Jashemski, and an unknown third party having a dicussion at the airport prior to flying to Israel for an archaeological dig. (1972)

Birth announcement in the Baltimore Sun, 1949-03-13.

   Mr. and Mrs. Walter Measday
3d, of Cambridge, Mass., have
announced the birth of a son,
Walter Measday 4th, March 4 in
Boston. Mrs. Measday, the former
Miss Jeanne Ivey, is the daughter
of Mrs. Shriner Ivey, of this city,
and Mr. W. T. Ivey, of Buffalo.

Birth announcement in the Boston Sunday Herald, 1949-04-10.

New Citizens
   To Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sparks
Measday, 3d (Jeannette Ivey) of
Cambridge, a son, Walter Sparks
Measday, 4, at Phillips House,
March 4. Grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Measday, Jr., of
Westwood, N. J., and Mrs. Schriner
Ivey of Baltimore, Md.

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