Larkin Shipley (1815-1902)


Father: John Shipley, Jr.  (1768-1840)
Mother: Araminta Gillis  (1772-1815)


Brother: Adam Shipley  (1798-1884) m. (1) Elizabeth Bennett (2) Sarah Maria Shipley (daughter of Richard Shipley)
Brother: Forrest Shipley  (1800-1816)
Brother: Camden Shipley  (1803-1805)
Brother: Hamlet Shipley  (1805-1885) m. Rebecca McLane
Brother: Noah Shipley  (????-????)
Sister: Ann Maria Shipley  (????-????)
Sister: Araminta Shipley  (????-????)
Sister: Eva Shipley  (????-????)
Sister: Susanna Shipley  (1813-1872) m. Upton Condon


Wife: Rebecca Shipley  (1821-1841) married 1838-08-28; daughter of Adam Shipley (1769-1853) and Mary (Polly) Stocksdale.
Wife: Henrietta Shipley  (1827-1896) married 1844-04-09; daughter of Ann Harman and Enos Shipley (1796-????), who was the son of Richard Shipley.


(1st marriage)
Son: Horace Landon Shipley  (1840-1904) m. Susanna Gillis
Son: Edward Shipley  (1841-infancy)
(2nd marriage)
Daughter: Ann Rebecca Shipley  (1845-1941)  (photograph) m. (1) William Lee Farver (2) John T. Haines
Daughter: Jemima Clay Shipley  (1847-1921) unmarried
Son: John Bernard Shipley  (1848-1906) m. Martha Ellen Gosnell
Daughter: Lydia Jane Shipley  (1849-1918) m. Joshua Purdum Brandenburg
Daughter: Amelia Conway Shipley  (1851-1916) unmarried
Daughter: Araminta Shipley  (1853-1935)
Son: Somerville Shipley  (1854-1855)
Son: Daniel Fillmore Shipley, M.D.  (1856-1932) m. Laura Genevieve Lambert  (1849-1955)
Daughter: Lois Henrietta Shipley  (1858-1895) m. Frank Inlow Lewis
Daughter: Frances Olivia Shipley  (1860-1933) m. Greenbury Wilson
Son: Hamlet Almer Shipley  (1862-1941?) m. Mary Jane Barnes  (????-1945?)
Daughter: Phoebe Susanna Shipley  (1864-1902) unmarried
Daughter: Lauretta Elizabeth Shipley, M.D.  (1866-1934)  (photograph) unmarried

Basic Data

Born: 1815-10-07
Died: 1902-03-03

Daughter's death notice - undated; spelling and punctuation as in original.

HAINES. -- On July 11, 1941, near Enter-
prise, Carroll County, Md., ANNE
REBECCA (nee Shipley), widow of the
late John T. Haines.
   Funeral services will be held Sun-
day, July 13, from Ebenezer Methodist
Church, Winfield, at 2 P. M. Interment
in adjoining cemetery.

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