Richard Shipley (1772-1806?)


Father: John Shipley, Sr.  (????-????)
Mother: Keziah Porter  (????-????)


Sister: Ann Shipley  (1766-????) m. George Harrison
Brother: Adam Shipley  (1767-1812) m. Elizabeth Leatherwood
Brother: John Shipley, Jr.  (1768-1840)
Brother: Rezin Shipley  (1769-????) m. Eleanor Brooks
Brother: Larkin Shipley  (1770-1822) unmarried
Brother: Peter Shipley  (1771-????) m. Mrs. Jane Grant
Sister: Ruth Shipley  (1773-1857) m. Eli Selby
Sister: Pegga (Margaret) Shipley  (1774-????)
Brother: Enos Shipley  (1775-????)
Sister: Sarah (Sally) Shipley  (1777-????) m. Moses Galloway
Half-sister: Elizabeth Shipley  (1781-1850) m. William Chew Brown  (1776-1856)
Half-sister: Polly (Mary) Shipley  (1783-????) m. Joseph Carey
Half-sister: Susan Shipley  (1784-????)
Half-sister: Nackey Shipley  (1787-????)
Half-sister: Ellen (Eleanor) Shipley  (1789-????) m. John Porter
Half-brother: Elias Shipley  (1792-childhood)
Half-sister: Providence Shipley  (1793-????) m. (1) Zepheniah Mitchell (2) Levi Chaney
Half-sister: Micha Shipley  (1795-????) m. William Haines
Half-brother: James Shipley  (1797-????) m. (1) Eliza Moxley (2) Harriet Lindsay
Half-sister: Juliet Shipley  (1800-????)
Half-sibling: unnamed  (????-????)


Wife: Ann Mary Rowles  (1766-1855) married 1795-09-07, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


Son: Enos Shipley  (1796-????) m. (1) Ann Harman  (2) Priscilla Disney
Son: William Shipley  (1798-1869)
Son: Larkin Shipley  (1800-1873) m. Aletha Wilson  (1809-1886)
Daughter: Sarah Maria Shipley  (1803-????) m. Adam Shipley  (1798-1884) (2nd wife of)
Daughter: Mary Ann Shipley  (1805-????) unmarried

Basic Data

Born: 1772-03-12
Residence: Fairview, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
Died: 1806?-??-??


Military: Militia of 1814, stationed in Annapolis, MD, USA.


Book: The Shipleys of Maryland 1968, Dorothy Shipley Granger.
Link: FamilySearch™ Ancestral File

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