Ann Mary Rowles (1766-1855)


Father: William Rowles  (1710-1806)
Mother: Ann Miller  (1726-????)


Husband: Richard Shipley  (1772-1806?) married 1795-09-07, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Husband: George Harman  (1777-1833) married 1808-11-17.


(1st marriage)
Son: Enos Shipley  (1796-????) m. (1) Ann Harman  (2) Priscilla Disney
Son: William Shipley  (1798-1869)
Son: Larkin Shipley  (1800-1873) m. Aletha Wilson  (1809-1886)
Daughter: Sarah Maria Shipley  (1803-????) m. Adam Shipley  (1798-1884) (2nd wife of)
Daughter: Mary Ann Shipley  (1805-????) unmarried
(2nd marriage)
Daughter: Elizabeth Leah Harman  (1809-1900)
Son: Frederick George Harman  (1811-1902) m. Louisa Matilda Rowles, 1839-12-24.
Son: Peter Harman  (1813-1890) m. Mary Eleanor Shipley, 1858-04-28; last of the descendants to live on a part of the original grant, Adam the First.
Daughter: Louisa Harman  (1815-1892?) m. Philip H. Disney  (1809-1868?), 1853-10-22.
Sister: Maranda Harman  (1817-1818)
Daughter: Amelia Jane Harman  (1819-????)

Basic Data

Born: 1766-??-??
Place: Elkridge, MD, USA
Died: 1855-10-11


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