William Shipley (1798-1869)


Father: Richard Shipley  (1772-1806?)
Mother: Ann Mary Rowles  (1766-1855)


Brother: Enos Shipley  (1796-????) m. (1) Ann Harman  (2) Priscilla Disney
Brother: Larkin Shipley  (1800-1873) m. Aletha Wilson  (1809-1886)
Sister: Sarah Maria Shipley  (1803-????) m. Adam Shipley  (1798-1884) (2nd wife of)
Sister: Mary Ann Shipley  (1805-????) unmarried
Half-brother: Peter Harman  (????-????) m. Eleanor Shipley; last of the descendants to live on a part of the original grant, Adam the First.
Half-brother: Frederick Harman  (????-????)
Half-sister: Elizabeth Harman  (????-????)
Half-sister: Louisa Harman  (????-????)
Half-sister: Amelia Harman  (????-????)


Wife: Sarah Linthicum  (1809-1882) married 1829-01-13.


Daughter: Rachel Ann Amanda Shipley  (1829-1908) m. John Q. Janney
Daughter: Marietta Linthicum Shipley  (1832-1875) m. Nicholas J. Crisp
Daughter: Armanella Marian Shipley  (1834-1911) m. James Stewart Robinson, Sr.
Daughter: Alverta Jane Shipley  (1836-????) m. F. Grafton Crisp
Son: Thomas Benton Shipley  (1838-1865)
Daughter: Sarah Eugenia Shipley  (1840-????) m. Thornton F. Robinson
Daughter: Camsadel Lucinda Shipley  (1842-1920)
Son: William Abner Shipley  (1845-1907) m. Louise L. Steele  (????-1911)
Son: Hezekiah Llewellyn Shipley  (1847-????) m. (1) Laura Gault (2) Alice Numsen
Son: Richard Luther Shipley, Sr.  (1849-1923) m. Annie S. Linthicum  (1853-1936)
Son: Elbridge Franklin Shipley  (1852-1886)

Basic Data

Born: 1798-07-02
Place: Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
Died: 1869-09-17
Place: Shipley, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA

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