George Stoll (1848-1919)


Father: J. Daniel Stoll  (1817-1885) (b. 1817-06-01, Hessen, Germany, d. 1885-06-27, Baltimore, MD)
Mother: Anna Mary Stoll  (1821-1914) (b. 1821-02-07, d. 1914-01-18)


Sister: Mary Catherine Stoll (Schriner)  (1846-1866) (b. 1846-11-30, d. 1866-02-22) married Albert Schriner, Sr. (1840-1872).
Brother: Henry J. Stoll  (1851-1931) Since Caroline was born in July, must Henry and Caroline—both born in 1851—have been twins? These were "calculated relationships" at Find A Grave, so there could be an error.
Sister: Caroline Stoll  (1851-1857) (b. 1851-07-31, d. 1857-07-??) See note about Henry immediately above.
Brother: John Edward Stoll  (1859-1948) married (1) Medora A. Radecke Stoll (1860-1924) and (2) Ada E. Stoll (1877-1973).
Sister: Augusta Stoll (Smith)  (1863-1919) (b. 1863-11-17, d. 1919-10-19) married Henry Smith (1853-1916).


Wife: Louisa Margaret Radecke  (1848-1937) married 1875-03-29.


Stepson: Herman Henry Schriner  (1871-1958)
Son: John Daniel Stoll  (1875-1950)

Basic Data

Born: 1848-09-13
Died: 1919-01-31


Find A Grave: George Stoll (1848-1919)
Find A Grave: J. Daniel Stoll (1817-1885)
Find A Grave: Anna Mary Stoll (1821-1914)
John E. Stoll: Equitable Trust Co. v. Smith, 26 Md. App. 204 (1975) - is a decision regarding the estate of John Edward Stoll (George's brother). The decision has the first mention I've seen of a second wife, Ada E. Stoll. John's will mentions his deceased sister Augusta (Stoll) Smith's children, his nephew John Daniel Stoll, and John Daniel's stepbrother Herman Schriner (my great-grandfather). The court decision further mentions John Daniel's children—Dorothy, Elizabeth, John Merle, and Robert—and Herman Schriner's children—Stella and Louise (my grandmother and great-aunt, repectively).

Baltimore American, Baltimore, MD, Sunday, February 2, 1919, P 6. (Supplied by Michael Minnich at Find A Grave, George Stoll (1848-1919).)

STOLL—On January 31, 1919, GEORGE, beloved husband of Louisa M. Stoll.

Funeral from his late home, Snow Hill Farm, on Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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