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Drop Me a Line

I am currently on disability for depression and, although I irregularly read the E-mails I receive, I am extremely unlikely to respond to them. I'm sorry. [Sad Face]

Do Write if you don't expect an answer from me. Suggestions for additions to, updates to, deletions from, and corrections to the information on my site are desired. "Hello!"s are always welcome. If you want to tell me your story or just blow off steam, feel free to write—I will endlessly compose responses to you in my head, but I can't promise they'll make it to my keyboard!

Don't Write if you do expect an answer from me. If you're seeking help, look at the "frequently asked questions" below for resources more useful than me. For school projects that require interactions with OCD sufferers, try one of the on-line forums (also see below).

Alex Measday

Some frequently asked questions:

How can I learn more about OCD?

Browse the various OCD pages on my web site and click on the links that catch your eye:

Where can I find an OCD specialist in the XYZ area?

Search the Internation OCD Foundation's Treatment Provider Database for mental health professionals in your geographical area. The Foundation has a separate list of Intensive Treatment Programs. (While you're at it, consider becoming a member of IOCDF.)
My Doctors and Clinics page lists doctors I have found on the web; I can't vouch for them personally (although many are well-known in the OCD community) and there are, of course, many more OCD professionals who aren't (yet!) on the web.