luq_util - DEC Message Queue Utilities

The DEC Message Queue Utilities provide a high-level interface to the DECmessageQ facility.

Public Procedures

luq_address() - returns the message queue address from an LUQ handle.
luq_close() - closes a message queue.
luq_confirm() - confirms the delivery of a recoverable message.
luq_group() - returns the message queue group ID from an LUQ handle.
luq_handle() - returns the LUQ handle for a message queue.
luq_last() - returns information about the most recent I/O operation on a message queue.
luq_open() - opens a message queue.
luq_poll() - checks if a message queue has input waiting to be read.
luq_post() - posts an "input pending" watch on a message queue.
luq_read() - reads a message from a message queue.
luq_write() - writes a message to a message queue.

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