On-the-Shelf Software

Software from old projects, old operating systems, ... If you're interested in any of it, let me know.

General Purpose Library (libgpl)

bfl_util - big file package.
bhp_util - block heap allocation utilities.
ckp_util - checkpointing package.
cobl_util - collectable object lists.
dympl_util - dynamically loads object modules (Solaris, HP/UX, VMS, VxWorks).
eio_util - extensible I/O package for user-level, application-specific device drivers.
mpl_util - memory pool management.
qio_util - application-level, queued I/O facility (UNIX, VMS, and VxWorks).
xbm_util - X bitmap (XBM) utilities.

Code 521 Packet Processing Library (libppl)

eio_packet - Extensible I/O driver for packet file I/O.
kai_util - KDOS asynchronous file I/O.
mist_util - high-level interface to MEDS message streams.

VMS-Specific Library (libvms)

VMS - a class operating system. This software was written for a VMS-based satellite control center during 1992-1993; we used the VAX C compiler and DEC's UCX TCP/IP networking product. Porting the original UNIX software to VMS was relatively painless and most of the applications I wrote for the project ported effortlessly back to UNIX afterwards.

lnm_util - high-level interface to VMS logical name facility.
luq_util - high-level interface for DECmessageQ I/O.
mbx_util - high-level interface to VMS mailboxes.
popen - VMS version of UNIX function.
rock_util - high-level interface to VMS resource locking.
sup_util - distributed "server is up" tracking using VMS locks.
tty_util - high-level interface for VMS terminal I/O.

VxWorks-Specific Library (libvx)

atexit - VxWorks implementation of ANSI C function.
ef_util - VxWorks implementation of VMS-like event flags.


A Tcl-based, programmable HTTP server. hope was originally a separate program; since I needed some of gentle's capabilities, however, I ended up just adding some HTTP commands to gentle. (Also see HOPE/LZP, HOPE/ETS, and HOPE/Epoch.)
A Tcl-based, programmable X11 (Tk) graphical user interface. (Derived from earlier Motif programs, wimp and twerp!) For an overview of gentle and moi, see my slightly out-of-date memo, "C'est Moi!". I subsequently developed a Motif equivalent to moi, called plum, which resulted in a reworking of the display classes so that the same status page definitions could be used by both the Tk and Motif versions of the GUI.
Not another compiler-compiler?! In FORTRAN, no less!
Not another file transfer application?! (Superseded by pose.)
Generates cflow(1)-style structure charts from VMS object modules.
A Tcl-based, programmable X11 (Motif) graphical user interface. (The Motif equivalent of moi.)

Generic Tools

fifo - Named pipe talk utility.
quack - DECmessageQ talk utility.
rpm - RPC stream merger.

Project-Specific Tools

events_reader - TPOCC event message reader.
maple - TPOCC multiple applications emulator.
molox - module lines-of-code/PDL counter.
offset - TPOCC system variable information server.
sdp - TPOCC system variable display tool.
syncsrc - TPOCC synchronous data source simulator.
xstol - X11/Motif-based GUI for TPOCC's command language interpreter.

aemh - X-SAR alarm/event message handler simulator.
prosper - TPOCC process spawner.

kdosd - KDOS file server.
mbc - MEDS message broadcaster/concentrator.
tsi - TPCE SNMP interface.

cereal - EPOCH serial interface emulator.

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