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On-the-Shelf Software

Software from old projects, old operating systems, ... If you're interested in any of it, let me know.

General Purpose Library (libgpl)


bfl_util - big file package.
bhp_util - block heap allocation utilities.
ckp_util - checkpointing package.
cobl_util - collectable object lists.
dympl_util - dynamically loads object modules (Solaris, HP/UX, VMS, VxWorks).
eio_util - extensible I/O package for user-level, application-specific device drivers.
mpl_util - memory pool management.
qio_util - application-level, queued I/O facility (UNIX, VMS, and VxWorks).
xbm_util - X bitmap (XBM) utilities.

Interprocess Communication

The IPC packages provide named message queues, semaphores, and shared memory segments under UNIX and VxWorks. Earlier versions of the semaphore and shared memory packages were ported to VMS by Fred Shaklan and myself; message queues were not needed, but they could have been easily emulated using mailboxes. If I ever work on VMS again, I'll port the new packages; the package APIs are operating system-independent.

msq_util - high-level interface to named message queues (UNIX and VxWorks).
nob_util - named objects database package.
sem_util - high-level interface to named semaphores (UNIX and VxWorks).
shm_util - high-level interface to named shared memory (UNIX and VxWorks).

Code 521 Packet Processing Library (libppl)

eio_packet - Extensible I/O driver for packet file I/O.
kai_util - KDOS asynchronous file I/O.
mist_util - high-level interface to MEDS message streams.

VMS-Specific Library (libvms)

VMS - a class operating system. This software was written for a VMS-based satellite control center during 1992-1993; we used the VAX C compiler and DEC's UCX TCP/IP networking product. Porting the original UNIX software to VMS was relatively painless and most of the applications I wrote for the project ported effortlessly back to UNIX afterwards.

lnm_util - high-level interface to VMS logical name facility.
luq_util - high-level interface for DECmessageQ I/O.
mbx_util - high-level interface to VMS mailboxes.
popen - VMS version of UNIX function.
rock_util - high-level interface to VMS resource locking.
sup_util - distributed "server is up" tracking using VMS locks.
tty_util - high-level interface for VMS terminal I/O.

VxWorks-Specific Library (libvx)

atexit - VxWorks implementation of ANSI C function.
ef_util - VxWorks implementation of VMS-like event flags.


A Tcl-based, programmable HTTP server. hope was originally a separate program; since I needed some of gentle's capabilities, however, I ended up just adding some HTTP commands to gentle. (Also see HOPE/LZP, HOPE/ETS, and HOPE/Epoch.)
A Tcl-based, programmable X11 (Tk) graphical user interface. (Derived from earlier Motif programs, wimp and twerp!) For an overview of gentle and moi, see my slightly out-of-date memo, "C'est Moi!". I subsequently developed a Motif equivalent to moi, called plum, which resulted in a reworking of the display classes so that the same status page definitions could be used by both the Tk and Motif versions of the GUI.
Not another compiler-compiler?! In FORTRAN, no less!
Not another file transfer application?! (Superseded by pose.)
Generates cflow(1)-style structure charts from VMS object modules.
A Tcl-based, programmable X11 (Motif) graphical user interface. (The Motif equivalent of moi.)

Generic Tools

fifo - Named pipe talk utility.
quack - DECmessageQ talk utility.
rpm - RPC stream merger.

Project-Specific Tools

events_reader - TPOCC event message reader.
maple - TPOCC multiple applications emulator.
molox - module lines-of-code/PDL counter.
offset - TPOCC system variable information server.
sdp - TPOCC system variable display tool.
syncsrc - TPOCC synchronous data source simulator.
xstol - X11/Motif-based GUI for TPOCC's command language interpreter.

aemh - X-SAR alarm/event message handler simulator.
prosper - TPOCC process spawner.

kdosd - KDOS file server.
mbc - MEDS message broadcaster/concentrator.
tsi - TPCE SNMP interface.

cereal - EPOCH serial interface emulator.

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